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Mini Type Portable Truck Fuel Dispenser 800 Type Fuel Dispenser

Mini Type Portable Truck Fuel Dispenser 800 Type Fuel Dispenser
Item Code: AI1-432
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  • Description

Truck Fuel Dispenser

Product Details:

Key Features:
  •     Accuracy ±0.1%
  •     Current Reading: 9999.99
  •     Repeatability 99.9%
  •     Accumulative Reading: 9999999
  •     12V DC Supply for Electronic Controller
  •     PTO Drive Assembly Kit and Fittings
  •     Flow Rate: 1-80LPM
  •     Easy ON/OFF
  •     Electronic Calibration
  •     Weather Proof Lockable Enclosure
  •     Instant Receipt/Ticket Printer
  •     EAST-MAN Flow Meter Size1” Inlet 1” Outlet
  •     EAST-MAN Internal Rotary Gear Pump
  •     Metallic Functional Keyboard
  •     Solenoid Valve
  •     Electronic Controller Kit with PRESET 3-Display LCD
  •     Self-Retractable Hose Reel with 12m x 1” Hose
  •     Nozzle Boot
  •     Auto shut Nozzle 1” with Swivel Joint
Operated Digital Fuel Dispensing Unit is a
self contained, demountable fuel dispensing unit which has
been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors who’s
customers require ‘Accurate Metered’ deliveries of fuel into
plant equipment, building sites, mining sites, generators,
boats, green houses etc. Operated Digital
Fuel Dispensing Unit, when required, can quickly be mounted
any where and deployed for delivery.
Electronic Kit Hose Reel fitted in Lockable Box.
The Auxiliary Gearbox P.T.O. of the truck, which provides torque for the 100 LPM Internal
Rotary Gear Pump which pumps the fuel to the meter, is controlled by the Electronic Kit
which is Installed in the Panel of the Unit.
Product quantity is accurately measured by a Legal Metrology India approved EASTMAN
flow meter (IND/09/2004/01) which is fitted with an inlet strainer, air eliminator and
Product is dispensed through the standard 12m x 25mm delivery hose winded on the
Self-retractable Hose Reel which terminates with a 1” dispensing AutoShut nozzle and is
stowed neatly on a Nozzle Boot fixed in the Unit. The length of the Hose can be changed
according to the customer’s requirement.
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